Why KAAR is Involved in Politics

The Knoxville Area Association of REALTOR® is actively involved in politics. Now, you may be asking: Why? The answer is simple: we are involved in politics because politicians are involved in real estate.
The easiest way to understand this government/real estate relationship is to look at each step in the real estate transaction process:
  1. First, you need to have a government-issued real estate sales license. That’s right, you haven’t done any business yet, and you already have a partner – the government!
  2. Listings: school district performance, zoning ordinances, assessment districts, rent control – these are just a few examples of how government regulations directly impact the homes you are helping your clients buy or sell.
  3. Next, you’ve got to do some advertising. Well, the government will tell you when and where you can display open house signs, and what content can, and can’t, be on other advertisements as well.
  4. Moving on to the purchase contract: you’ll want to make sure any government restrictions on how a property can or can’t be used (or even who it can be sold to – owner-occupant, investor, etc) or special taxes are clearly notated on the property disclosures.
  5. Next up is financing: Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA, and VA dominate the secondary mortgage market which means the government is involved in almost every home loan.
  6. Even at the closing table the government will be involved. For example – some municipalities require certain point-of-sale inspections and subsequent repairs before you are able close.
So, from the time you get your license to the closing of the transaction, government is with you every step of the way.  Now who comes up with all of these policies that impact your business? That’s right – politicians. And that’s why KAAR is involved in politics.
One of KAAR’s great member benefits is our Governmental Affairs Program; led by KAAR staff and member volunteers who let those politicians know if their policies either help or hurt private property rights and homeownership.  We start our relationship with these politicians even before they are elected. The KAAR Governmental Affairs Committee assesses each candidate and supports those who understand the importance of homeownership and private property rights.  We understand that some Realtors may not agree with KAAR being politically active, but, we’re sure you’ll agree that politicians are involved in our business and that we must work with them.  Please contact staff directly if you have any questions about KAAR’s Governmental Affairs Program, our involvement in local politics, or if you have a government-related real estate issue that you need help with.
And finally, don’t forget to vote!