Sizes of Names in Advertising

In 2013, Tennessee’s real estate law (specifically TCA 62-13-310(b)) had been interpreted by the TN Real Estate Commission to mean that a licensee’s name on a sign or billboard could not be any larger than the smallest font in the firm name as licensed with TREC. The statute will remain as written, but as of October 18, 2015, it will be interpreted in accordance with the provisions of the updated Rule 1260-02-.12(3)(b):

“(b) All advertising shall be under the direct supervision of the principal broker and shall list the firm name and the firm telephone number as listed on file with the Commission. The firm name must appear in letters the same size or larger than those spelling out the name of a licensee or the name of any team, group or similar entity:..."

For other advertising provisions — especially those that apply to the use of team names, etc. — see the complete rules HERE.

Please bear in mind that the penalty for an advertising violation is up to $1,000 per violation, per day. This can add up very quickly if you have the same violation on signs, websites, etc.!