Scam Alert: Calls from Police Department

KAAR has reports regarding members receiving a call from Lt. Chad Simpson of the Maryville Police Department. The Maryville Police Department number is 865-273-3700 and that is the number that will show up on your phone. He says that you have a failure to appear on an ongoing court case and that you must meet him and turn yourself in. He will only give you the final destination once you are in your car and headed in a certain direction, with your phone on at all times. DO NOT BE TAKEN IN BY THIS. The Maryville Police Department has had at least 6 calls this morning from REALTORS® regarding these calls, so he seems to be targeting KAAR members. If you do receive a call, call the Maryville Police Department at 865-273-3700 and it will go to them – not the bad guy. Please be careful!