New Poll Shows Knox County Voters Overwhelmingly Support Multi-Use Stadium Development


Thursday, June 3, 2021

New Poll Shows Knox County Voters Overwhelmingly Support Multi-Use Stadium Development

KNOXVILLE, Tennessee — The Knoxville Area Association of Realtors (KAAR) today released results from a new poll regarding the multi-use, multi-sport stadium development proposed for downtown Knoxville. The poll was conducted from March 21 to March 23 by the nationally renowned polling firm American Strategies and included 400 registered voters in Knox County.

“These polling results show that the Knoxville community overwhelmingly supports this transformative public project,” said Hancen Sale, KAAR's Governmental Affairs and Policy Director. “When developed through public-private partnerships, civic infrastructure and public spaces like the multi-use stadium make Knoxville an even more desirable place to live and foster inclusive economic development.”

“The project accomplishes multiple goals, not least of which is increasing the number of available housing units near public transit in a time when Knoxville is facing its most severe housing shortage since at least the 1990s,” Sale said.

The proposed multi-use entertainment venue and ancillary development, including $100 million in private mixed-use residential and commercial development, would be located immediately adjacent to the Austin Homes affordable housing site.

“We shouldn’t gloss over the fact that this project is also a once-in-a-generation opportunity to create the sort of mixed-income neighborhoods that research consistently shows is critical for promoting upward income mobility and access to economic opportunity,” Sale said.

“Substantial public investment in close proximity to existing affordable housing should be the model.”

In April, KAAR’s Board of Directors voted unanimously to endorse the project. The board released a statement indicating its support and referring to the project as “an opportunity Knoxville cannot afford to miss.”


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