KAAR MLS News & Updates

Late last year President Jim Oakley and President-elect Shannon Foster-Boline jointly appointed a workgroup to consider various MLS issues and topics. Over the course of several months the workgroup met, had numerous lengthy discussions, and in the end made several recommendations to the Board of Directors.

With member safety always top of mind, one of the recommended items was for the association to contract with Forewarn to provide its safety app to every Primary KAAR Realtor member at no cost as a benefit. This impressive safety app will allow users to positively identify over 80% of prospective clients, including criminal history, current property and vehicle ownership, bankruptcies/liens, and address history.

The directors approved this recommendation. Within the next week or so, look for an email from Forewarn with the details. FYI, during negotiations with Forewarn, they agreed that if a member or member firm already subscribed to the app, Forewarn would cancel the existing subscription. 

Another recommendation made by the workgroup to the Board of Directors was for the association’s MLS to enter into a data share agreement with the Chattanooga association’s MLS. The rationale behind the recommendation is that allowing the KAAR association’s MLS participants and subscribers to view the listings in the Chattanooga flexMLS will save KAAR’s brokers and agents the cost of the Chattanooga MLS fees and provide the ability to better serve clients who may be interested in that market.

It is important to note that the data share DOES NOT INCLUDE COOPERATIVE COMPENSATION between the users of the two MLSs, only the ability to view MLS data and listings.  Compensation will need to be negotiated. If a broker or agent does significant business in the other MLS, the broker or agent may still choose to join the other MLS as a participant or subscriber so that cooperative compensation is included. Also, it is worth noting that the respective MLS rules and policies where the participant or subscriber is a member continue to apply. 

Both association’s Board of Directors approved the data share. Look for information on how to view the Chattanooga MLS data and listings from your Flexmls account in the very near future.

The MLS workgroup also recommended the Coming Soon policy be modified to allow listings to be syndicated. This will allow listings in this status (which are already being advertised elsewhere) to be added to the MLS subscribers’ websites and email subscriptions and fed to showing platforms (i.e. Instashowing, ShowingTime, etc.), allowing agents to schedule property showings for the Active date without having to wait for the Active date to schedule the appointment. Important note: This does not change the Coming Soon policy that prohibits showings of a listing in the Coming Soon status. 

The association’s leadership and staff, as always, continue to look for ways to improve the MLS to make it work for its members and the marketplace.