GoFundMe for Harry Bacon

KAAR is sharing a GoFundMe on behalf of KAAR member Harry Bacon, at the request of his broker, Rita Neubert.

"Our friend Harry Bacon and his wife Darlene Bacon have been struggling with Harry's health for several months. He has not been able to work since April and now his wife cannot work as he needs her constant care. Harry is now entering hospice due to cancer that has taken over and is beyond treatment.  Harry Bacon is a friend to all who know him and his heart is bigger than the world itself. Harry has spent his life helping others and doing whatever he can to make life better for those around him, and now he needs us. Please donate to help them cover the expenses of this and carry them thru until Harry enters Heaven. Darlene is a warrior too but she doesn't need to worry about money right now. Please help with whatever you can."