Membership FAQ's

What are the membership dues?
Membership dues are $485 and include all local, state, and national dues, due annually on December 31.   New members’ dues will be prorated, based on the month an individual joins KAAR.

I see that dues are prorated monthly, but there is only a week or so left in the month. Do I still have to pay dues for that month, or may I simply submit the prorated payment for the next month’s dues?
We do not prorate daily or weekly. Therefore, you are required to submit the prorated dues for the month in which you join.

What is the MLS fee?
The MLS fee allows access to the FlexMLS system and costs $336 per year, due annually on June 30.  This fee is prorated, based on the month an individual joins.  

I belong to another association.  Can I access your MLS system?
Yes, you can join KAAR in order to have access to KAAR’s MLS system, but your broker must also be a member or willing to join (e.g., KAAR has reciprocal members who belong to another association, yet pay MLS fees to KAAR).  

I am retiring my license or letting it expire.  Can I have a refund on my membership dues and MLS fees?
No. All membership dues and MLS fees are non-refundable.

I currently have residential MLS, but I would also like to subscribe to the commercial MLS.  How do I join the Knoxville Area Association of REALTORS® Commercial MLS (KAARCIE)?
If your broker has commercial MLS access, you can download and complete the commercial application. Commercial MLS fees are an additional $456 per year, but are prorated based on the month you subscribe. Commercial members may also join the residential MLS if their broker has access. Please contact the association if you are a commercial member wishing to join the residential MLS.

What do I need to do to retire my license or bring my license out of retirement?
Complete a Transfer, Release, or Change of Status form (TREC 1 form). Submit it to the Tennessee Real Estate Commission and e-mail a copy to the KAAR office as well. If you have any questions about a retired/inactive license, please contact TREC at 1-800-342-4031.

What is required for an unlicensed/licensed assistant to join?
An unlicensed assistant can complete an application form in order to have access to the MLS. MLS fees for unlicensed assistants are $150 per year and are prorated based on the month an individual joins.  
A licensed assistant is required to join the association as a member and must pay the same association fees/dues required of all members. MLS fees for licensed assistants are $336 per year and are also prorated based on the month an individual joins.