Local Political Coordinator Program

Are you interested in politics or already politically active in your community?
Want to be a part of KAAR’s legislative grassroots network and help strengthen KAAR’s legislative advocacy?
The Local Political Coordinator Program might be right for you.


What is a Local Political Coordinator (LPC)?
LPCs are not a committee and do not meet regularly, but may serve for more than one year in the position. Rather, LPC's are individuals who maintain periodic contact with KAAR's Governmental Affairs Director regarding timely local political and regulatory issues in their city/county of residence that positively or negatively effect local real estate. 
LPCs are active members of KAAR who are also politically active in their local community and who want to put their political activism to work for The REALTOR® Party. If you are not politically active in your community, you can join the KAAR LPC Program to learn how to become politically active.
What is the purpose of KAAR’s LPC program?
The purpose of KAAR’s LPC program is to help KAAR better serve its members across its entire 12-county territory and to expand and strengthen KAAR’s local political, legislative, and regulatory advocacy efforts on behalf of its entire membership.
What is The REALTOR® Party?
The REALTOR® Party is not democrat or republican, but is the bi-partisan approach to advancing REALTOR® initiatives at all levels of government: preserving strong private property rights, protecting homeownership benefits and tax incentives, and promoting commonsense principles for vibrant commercial development. Learn more at www.RealtorActionCenter.com.
LPCs as REALTOR® Party Representatives:
KAAR LPCs perform their responsibilities as a non-partisan REALTOR® Party Representative and as such must be must be supportive of the REALTOR® Party position when advocating on legislative and regulatory issues, excluding their personal and/or conflicting opinions on issues from their actions as a KAAR LPC.  
LPC Responsibilities:
The main responsibility of a KAAR LPC is to make periodic contact with KAAR’s Governmental Affairs Director regarding timely local regulatory or legislative issues that are impacting local real estate, especially those issues that are negatively impacting REALTOR® business. Attendance at political functions and interactions with local officials is encouraged and investing in the REALTOR® Political Action Committee (RPAC or RealtorPAC) is strongly encouraged as an example of your REALTOR® Party leadership.  
How do I join KAAR's LPC Team?
Contact KAAR’s Governmental Affairs Director about your interest in the program. Ideally, two (2) active KAAR REALTORS® will be chosen to serve each county within KAAR’s jurisdiction.  Jennifer Roche is KAAR’s current Governmental Affairs Director and she can be reached at jennifer@kaarmls.com or 865.584.8647 x8.
KAAR's Current LPC Team
Anderson County - Joey Smith, Betsy Coleman, Kenya Teague
Blount County - Eric Rice, Rachel Talley, Darrell Tipton
Campbell County -
Cumberland County - Chip Cagle
Fentress County - 
Knox County -
Loudon County - Doug Davis, Julia Hurley, Jodi Moody, Jack Woods
Monroe County - Bonnie Swain, Melissa Wiseman
Morgan County -
Roane County - Cheryl Laxton, Diane Royer
Scott County -
Union County -
Other counties outside KAAR's membership jursdiction - Owen Poveda (Sevier), Sarah Richards (Grainger)