KAAR Committees 2022

Committees, including task forces and presidential advisory groups are the backbone of the Knoxville Area Association of REALTORS®. The participation of member volunteers on these is critical to the success of the association. 2022 President Marian Epps will work with her leadership team and committee chairs to match the scope of each committee’s work with the strengths and relevant experience of all interested volunteers in making committee appointments.

See the committee descriptions below. If you would like to sign up for a committee, please fill out the form HERE 


Purpose: Plan activities and events in support of the REALTOR® membership.  Raise funds for the association’s Benevolent Fund (Details regarding this newly created fund will be announced soon.)

Composition:  8-10 affiliate members representing various affiliate membership categories.

Time Commitment: Committee meets 6 times per year. 

Staff Contact: Lyle Irish


Purpose: Analyze and recommend Catylist/KAARCIE system improvements, establish procedures, and consider violations of Commercial MLS Rules and Regulations and MLS Policies to maintain system integrity.

Time Commitment: Committee meets 2-3 times per year plus members are expected to assist with Commercial Chapter programming, as needed


Purpose: Adopt, participate and promote service projects to create goodwill between REALTORS® and the public. 

Time Commitment: New this year, this committee will form task fores to complete projects throughout the year.

Staff Contact: Jeff Fyke


Purpose: Identify and recommend actionable changes to ensure the association is an inclusive and supportive environment for all members.  Additionally, committee members will be assigned to each serve on one other association committee.

Composition: 6-8 members comprised of a minimum of 80% diverse membership (persons of color, differently abled individuals, those identifying as LGBTQI+, etc.).  Applicants must demonstrate involvement in, significant experience or substantial support in organizations outside of the association that support members of the BIPOC, LGBTQ+ or other marginalized communities.

Time Commitment: One year term. Committee meets 6-8 times per year.

Staff Contact: Lyle Irish


Purpose: Develop and identify the association’s advocacy priorities by evaluating legislative and regulatory issues affecting the membership and real estate industry. Make recommendations to the directorate regarding KAAR’s official positions on key public policy issues. Oversee and promote the association’s research initiatives. Note: This committee is NOT responsible for the evaluation of local political candidates or distribution of RPAC funds.

Composition: A diverse group of 6-8 members from membership at large, in addition to the association’s leadership team.

Time Commitment:  6-8 times per year for two years (To establish staggered terms, in 2021 half of committee members will be appointed to serve a one-year term and half will be appointed to serve a two-year term).

Staff Contact: Hancen Sale


Purpose: Identify, develop and promote quality professional development opportunities to increase member competency.  Assist in course administration. Plan and host annual Education Summit.

Composition:  16-18 members who will be assigned to serve on one of several education subcommittees.

Time Commitment: Two year term. Committee meets quarterly plus subcommittees meet as needed.

Staff Contact: James Holden

REALTORS® Political Action Committee

Purpose: Raise funds, awareness & support for the REALTOR® Party, a bipartisan grassroots organization created by REALTORS® to support, promote and protect homeownership and private property rights.

Time Commitment: Committee typically meets monthly through October 31, but could complete its work sooner depending on meeting annual fundraising goals set by Tennessee REALTORS®.

Staff Contact: Catrin Latham


Purpose: Analyze and recommend flexMLS system improvements, establish procedures, and consider violations of MLS Rules and Regulations and MLS Policies to maintain system integrity.

Composition: Not less than five (5) nor more than nine (9) Realtors and not less than three (3) nor more than seven (7) Designated Realtors.  The committee shall also include an elected member from each of the association’s county chapters (elections to be held in January).  All committee members shall be Participants or Realtors affiliated with Participants in the MLS.

Time Commitment: Two year term. Committee typically meets 8-9 times per year. 

Staff Contact: Donna Roach and Jared Hencke


Purpose: Engage young REALTOR® professionals to become more involved and informed through events, education and networking opportunities.

Time Commitment: Committee meets 5-6 times per year or as needed. 

Staff Contact: Catrin Latham