Community Involvement

Partner with KAAR to Increase Literacy

Only 40% of Knox County students are reading on grade level by the third grade. We can help change that. The Knoxville Area Association of REALTORS is partnering with Read City USA as a part of our October and November community involvement initiative.

During the month of October, KAAR members built 13 Little Free Libraries that were installed in the 12 county region that KAAR serves. Brokerages and agents sponsored the libraries and continue to monitor them, keeping them stocked and maintained. 

For more information about Read City, USA, click HERE

For more information about Little Free Libraries, click HERE


Log Your Reading Hours for Read City USA

Read City USA has a goal of 1 million hours of reading for 2021. We can do our part by logging our time as we read during the months of November and December.

  1. Download the Beanstack app (free)
  2. Select School, Library, or Bookstore (blue)
  3. Click “Find a Site” in the bottom of the screen
  4. Type “Knox County” in the search bar and click search
  5. Select Knox County Library
  6. Type “jefffyke” in the Username field
  7. Type Kaarmls2021! In the password field
  8. Hit return/sign in
  9. Click the cog in the upper right hand corner next to Jeff’s photo
  10. Click Readers
  11. Click “Add Reader”
  12. Fill out your name and age (click Continue)
  13. Add photo (click Continue)
  14. Add gender (click Continue)
  15. Select Grade (Adult) and School (1. N/A Adult) (click continue)
  16. Select your library branch (click continue)
  17. Click Continue
  18. Click No Thanks
  19. Click “Im Done Adding Readers”

To log your hours:

  1. Once you have logged into the app, click the Plus Sign in the bottom of the screen
  2. Click Reading
  3. Click your profile (click choose readers)
  4. Search the book by using the search bar or the barcode reader (right of the search bar) or log your hours without a title
  5. Fill out how many pages and minutes you read and then click Done