2021 KAAR Awards

2021 KAAR Awards

Are you a Rising Star? Are you REALTOR® of the Year material? Do you know someone deserving to nominate? Then we want to hear from you! Nominations for the KAAR awards are open until Friday, December 17 at 4:30 pm EST. The 2021 awards will be announced during the January 19, 2022 membership meeting (more information to come).

Nomination Applications:

REALTOR of the Year: https://forms.gle/cWMrfWr5EpKWSPDs6
Managing Broker of the Year: https://forms.gle/H9LmiWdZ6zVgPRM87
Rising Star: https://forms.gle/aEBr1DPnwZTbtZ2Z9
Good Neighbor: https://forms.gle/zQ2KsNxf5mLF3etN9
Affiliate of the Year: https://forms.gle/BCkfBA4QVC1wvrsU9

REALTOR® of the Year

REALTOR® of the Year is the highest honor that an Association can bestow upon one of its members.  The Award is presented annually to a REALTOR® nominated by their peers, then selected by the Awards Committee. The Committee reviews all nominations, taking into consideration the member's involvement in civic affairs and participation in local, state and national committees.  They also consider the member's REALTOR® spirit and business accomplishments.

Recent Recipients

2020 Realtor of the Year - Laura Slyman
2019 Realtor of the Year - Ryan Levenson
2018 Realtor of the Year - Jeff Grebe
2017 Realtor of the Year - Doyle Webb
2016 Realtor of the Year - Sally Sparks
2015 Realtor of the Year - Judi Starliper
2014 Realtor of the Year - Patricia Shepherd
2013 Realtor of the Year - Amanda Stone
2012 Realtor of the Year - John Adams, III
2011 Realtor of the Year - John Blair
2010 Realtor of the Year - George Wallace

Rising Star Award

The Rising Star Award is presented annually to a REALTOR® who has been licensed less than 3 years and who demonstrates exceptional professional development, association participation, and business achievements. Applicants may be nominated by a peer or may nominate themselves. The Awards Committee judge applicants on their involvement at KAAR, TAR, and NAR, talents as a salesperson, continued education and designations earned/in process, and overall ethics and professionalism.

Recent Recipients

2020 Rising Star Recipient - Cohl Morgan
2019 Rising Star Recipient - Lauri Figueroa
2018 Rising Star Recipient - Zach Sale
2017 Rising Star Recipient - Rachel Talley
2016 Rising Star Recipient - Katie Wolf
2015 Rising Star Recipient - Kendra Greene Ellis
2014 Rising Star Recipient - Jeannie Alley
2013 Rising Star Recipient - Jane Craddock
2011 Rising Star Recipient - Amanda Thomas
2010 Rising Star Recipient - Tiffany Dorn
2009 Rising Star Recipient - Lynn Harper
2008 Rising Star Recipient - Jennifer Crake

Affiliate of the Year

KAAR's Affiliate of the Year award recipients are selected by the Awards Committee. Applicants are judged on participation within the association (including volunteer time at association events), participation in committees, and financial support of events, classes, and more, through direct sponsorship or fund raising. This prestigious award includes presentation at the upcoming annual Installation & Awards Ceremony.

Recent Recipients

2020 Affiliate of the Year - Vicki Williams
2019 Affiliate of the Year - David Reynolds
2018 Affiliate of the Year - Janette Burgin

Good Neighbor Award

The Good Neighbor Award recognizes a KAAR Member who demonstrates exceptional community service within one of KAAR's 12-county region. Applicants may be nominated by a peer or may nominate themselves. The Awards Committee will judge applicants on their personal contributions (resources, volunteer hours, etc) to a local charity, non-profit organization, or community. KAAR will donate $500 to the Good Neighbor Award winner's chosen charity or non-profit organization.

Recent Recipients

2020 Good Neighbor Recipient - Mindy Newman
2019 Good Neighbor Recipient - Cyndi Sweet
2018 Good Neighbor Recipient - Stephanie Mitchum
2017 Good Neighbor Recipient - Yvonnca Landes
2016 Good Neighbor Recipient - Doyle Webb


Managing Broker of the Year Award

The Managing Broker of the Year Award honors a Designated REALTOR® who demonstrates exemplary business experience and accomplishments and a reputation for high professional competence.

Recent Recipients

2020 Managing Broker of the Year - Pat McGill
2019 Managing Broker of the Year - Justin Bailey
2018 Managing Broker of the Year - Beth Stewart