Government Affairs and Policy Department

Our mission is to champion REALTORS® by positioning KAAR as a trusted voice in our community and a pioneer for real estate and community advocacy.

Public policy can impact our members and their businesses in meaningful ways. That's why Knoxville Area Association of REALTORS® is dedicated to building strong community partnerships in the Knoxville Area and advocating on behalf of its members by addressing legislative and regulatory issues affecting REALTORS® on the local, state, and national levels. 

For more information about Knoxville Area Association of REALTORS® Governmental Affairs, our involvement in local politics and policy issues, and/or if you need help with a government-related issue, please contact Hancen Sale.

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Policy Advocacy

The Knoxville Area Association of REALTORS® (KAAR) consistently advocates for the interests of its members and their communities throughout its 12-county jurisdiction. The Association encourages its members to become involved in civic life, to stay informed about policy issues impacting their community, and to support initiatives that promote and ensure vibrant and sustainable communities. As a member of KAAR, our governmental affairs team will keep you updated on pending legislative and regulatory issues and work with local government to position REALTORS® as a key stakeholder in current and future policy debate. 

Community Development & Outreach

In addition to our engagement in the political process, a major role of the Government Affairs department is to forge strategic partnerships with local government and community organizations in an effort to support sustainable community development, expand housing opportunities, and build stronger communities in the Knoxville Area. 


The Government Affairs department is committed to providing educational opportunities for our members and their communities to learn about public policy and key policy issues affecting REALTORS®—such as affordable housing, infrastructure and transportation, inclusionary zoning (IZ), and others—as well as how to best engage with local government on policy issues impacting their community.

REALTOR® Action Center

There are several ways to become an educated and involved REALTOR®. Use the REALTOR® Action Center as a gateway to opportunities to work with elected officials who are making decisions that have a huge impact on the bottom line of REALTORS® and their customers.

Tennessee REALTORS®

The Tennessee REALTORS® identifies, analyzes and acts on local, state and national issues that affect the real estate industry and property owners.  Now, more than ever, it is critical for REALTORS® to come together and speak with one voice about the stability a sound and dynamic real estate market brings to our communities.

From city hall to the state General Assembly to the United States Capitol, our elected officials are making decisions that have a huge impact on the bottom line of REALTORS® and their customers.  

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National Association of REALTORS®

From its offices in Washington, D.C., the National Association of REALTORS® Government Affairs Division advocates for federal policy initiatives that strengthen the ability of Americans to own, buy and sell real property. Here you can find weekly news from Washington as well as information about NAR's State & Local Political Issues and priorities.